Tunnel Pipe Carriers

CPE's experience includes the design and manufacture of a diverse range of special lifting equipment including Pipe Carrying vehicles.

These specialised vehicles can be custom built to suit individual pipes and exact customer application requirements.

Machine Capacities:

  • Standard designs are available to suit <1600mm internal diameter 2-12 tonne pipes.
  • Custom designed machines are available on request

Features and benefits:

  • Increases efficiency of pipe picking, carrying, aligning and jointing process
  • Carriers optionally include unidirectional pipe picking capability, pipe jointing XYZ axis alignment, clamp and thrust capability for Pipe socket jointing.
  • Fully proportional radio control functionality or driver cab configurations available
  • Machine picks load with no counterbalance load therefore reducing machine length and overall weight.
  • Optional Auto tunnel steering mode to transverse straight or radius tunnel layouts without any wall climb keeping the machine true to the invert at all times.
  • All wheel drive.
  • Minimum construction diameter of jacking pipe or tunnel can be achieved.(+150mm of outside pipe diameter)